Frontend Unicorn eBook Becomes Free

Level up as a software developer for free


This is a scary time to be a software developer. Layoffs hit the industry hard.

Hard times remind us that we have to grow constantly. But it’s often difficult, especially if we’re stuck in a comfort zone, solving these same problems every day.

But I’m here to help.

Over two years ago, I wrote with my friends Frontend Unicorn book. I will not lie to you — at $75 it was an expensive book. But it helped hundreds of developers to level up their skills.

We decided that in these troubled times, $75 is too much.

Even better, we decided not to profit from sharing knowledge in this book.

So here it is, a 5-star rated and time-proven book for free.

Grab your copy, and good luck!



Szymon Adamiak

I build stuff and help frontend developers to grow careers. Let’s become better developers together!