How To Find a Frontend Job

Learn how to stand out from the crowd of developers

You know how to code. That is great! This one skill can transform your life forever.

There’s only one problem — knowing how to code doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a job. It’s a prerequisite, but it’s not enough.

The competition in the software development market, especially amongst juniors, is fierce. In my company, we get over hundred resumes for one junior frontend development position.

You have to stand out. That’s the only way. Your application has to be different than others. The little moment of brilliance that will make us pick you to the next phase of the recruitment process.

Now that I mention it — the recruitment process. It’s not enough to have an impressive resume or portfolio, you have to nail the next steps too. Sometimes it is a phone or online interview. Sometimes it’s the on-site interview. If you’re unlucky, it could be the dreaded whiteboard interview.

Different companies have different processes. How can you prepare for everything?

I’ve got bad news and good news. Bad news — it’s difficult. Your odds of landing a job you’re applying for are low, there are many skilled candidates. The good news? You will send many applications and you just need one “yes”.

The second good news? I wrote a book that will help you. It will guide you through every step of the front-end recruitment process. Really, every step. Here’s the table of contents for you:

Who is this book for?

It’s for people who know how to code but still can’t find a job because they:

❌ Don’t have professional experience

❌ Don’t get answers from companies

❌ Lack confidence to apply

❌ Are not sure how to make an impressive portfolio

❌ Fail at interviews

❌ Don’t know how to stand out from the crowd of junior developers

What you will learn?

In this book you’ll learn:

🔥 What skills do you need to land a frontend job

🔥 How to create a developer CV and portfolio that stands out

🔥 How to use your social media presence to find a job without even looking

🔥 The secret of success in online and phone interviews

🔥 How to nail the most demanding task — the on-site interview

🔥 Strategies that increase your chances to land a job after the interview

🔥 The secret trick to getting you ahead of all of your competition

🔥 Resources to help you get prepared for the recruitment process even better

What you’ll get?

This book will guide you through every step of the frontend recruitment process. If you need more information, want to get additional insights, or have a mock interview you can buy a book with a call with me.

You’ll get:

🔥 Over 100 pages long PDF with current knowledge on frontend recruitment

🔥 25% discount code for my second book — Frontend Unicorn

🔥 Individual consultation / mock interview on Zoom in the premium version

Get the book

You can get the book here.

The book is $15 alone and $45 with individual Zoom consultation. I want to help as many people as possible and understand it’s a lot for some of you. So if you can’t afford it send me a message on Twitter to get a discount code.

Keep learning!

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