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  • Cam Caldwell

    Cam Caldwell

    Freelancer, lifelong student, and wannabe techie. I love exploring disruptive startups and sparking cultural conversations. www.thecamcaldwell.com

  • Reed Van Rozeboom

    Reed Van Rozeboom

    Award-winning Product Management Professional | Entrepreneur | Start-up Advisor

  • Dima Manhura

    Dima Manhura

    JS developer

  • Dană Andrei

    Dană Andrei

  • Elias Tazartes

    Elias Tazartes

  • Tomasz Haczkiewicz

    Tomasz Haczkiewicz

  • Belén del Olmo

    Belén del Olmo

    Designer & Developer #HTML5, #CSS3, #PHP, #jQuery, #iOS, ...

  • Jesse Munro

    Jesse Munro

    Author of “The Art of Sober Self-Care.” People appreciator, counselor, liver of life, and self-care expert.

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