It’s time to declutter your learning to-do list

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A T-Shaped Trap

If you’re trying to develop your career, you probably encountered the idea of T-shaped people. They are experts in one field and have some expertise in other domains. …

Enhance your learning speed

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Inefficient learning is only a little better than not learning at all. Learn how to value your time

Sign that reads “stop.”
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What’s Wrong With the Programming Courses

Over the years, I have spent around $400 on Udemy courses. You can argue that’s not much. And I agree. But I lost something much more important than money.

And how to avoid them

Cheese on mouse trap
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Learn how to stand out from the crowd of developers

Why choose you?

You have to stand out. That’s the only way. Your application has to be different than others. …

Learning to code is tricky

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1. Focus Is a Superpower

The single biggest factor in deciding if I’ll learn something is focus. When I was focused, my productivity skyrocketed and my mood improved. …

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To grow, you have to get your hands dirty

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The competition is fierce. Learn how to stand out

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Learning to code is intimidating. Let’s learn how to make it easier

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1. Make a Plan

You know your goal: become the best front-end developer possible. To achieve it, you have to make a plan. …

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